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Expert IT Solution is a leading technology-based company in Bangladesh, providing all IT business solutions for website and any other related services. View our IT services and choose your plan of work. The below services are the core services of Expert IT Solution.

Domain Registration

Expert IT Solution makes Domain Registration fast, simple, and affordable. Get your Custom Domain for your business from our attractive packages select your one. Start the Set-up Today!

Starting From 999/= BDT Per Year

cheap domain registration
web hosting service

Web Hosting

Expert IT Solution being a leading IT Solution Company in Bangladesh providing the best low price hosting packages. Select the best web hosting plan for your business from anywhere.

Starting From 500/= BDT Per Year

Web Development

Looking for the best web development companies? Then we are here the expert team of web development provides the best web development services and also our guide explains the basics of web development based on your goals.

Starting From 7,000/= BDT

best web development service
online radio solution Service

Online Radio Solution

We provide high quality and reliable Online Radio Services to start your own internet radio station and we are also providing attractive offers based on your requirements.

Starting From 9,000/= BDT

Online TV Solution

With extensive expertise & proven results, Expert IT Solution has its own expert team based on Online TV and provides the best professional and affordable Solutions.

Starting From 90,000/= BDT

Online TV IPTV Solutions
reseller hosting service

Reseller Hosting

Expert IT Solution is also providing the reseller hosting plan and our reseller hosting is fast, reliable & cheap and 24/7 support & more. Choose your plan and Order Now!

Starting From 300/= BDT Per Month

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